Classified Advertising – A Booming Industry

adSince print media’s invention, classifieds have remained the most popular trading method. Whether it is announcements of vacancies or advertisements of products, classifieds have dominated the market and are still doing so. The only difference is that now, it’s growing quickly and can be seen more online. While classifieds still occupy a space in the newspapers, posting advertisements has become a more common practice today.

Online classifieds are the new face of trade. There are currently numerous websites that are meant exclusively for classifieds. This new trend of trading has proved beneficial to companies as they can now reach more people instantly without worrying about monetary concerns.

A report released by AIM Group, the world’s leading consultancy in classified advertising and interactive media, revealed that the industry’s revenue worldwide is drawing near the $100 billion U.S. mark and is continuing to grow progressively while moving to a digital business, a significant change from the usual one-time print business companies have grown accustomed to.

Classified Intelligence Report shows that classifieds generate $92.1 billion in sales worldwide. According to Peter M. Zollman, editor of the report and AIM Group’s founding principal, classified advertising revenue is growing progressively worldwide. He added that with margins as high as 80% at major classified websites, classified advertising is a great business to take part in. Millions of dollars are also invested in existing classified companies by investment groups.

The shift from print to digital will only continue. The crossover between e-commerce and classifieds, use of instant messaging, emerging niche services, mobile growth and use of Big Data are some of the trends in the classified industry that continue to drive profits. AIM Group’s report also revealed the must watch apps and sites in the world.

The revenue estimate was derived from original and existing research in 22 countries that produce 80% of the worldwide GDP. While the 92.1 billion revenue estimate is quite lower from the $100 million projected 10 years ago, the industry of classified advertising still shows a great growth potential. Countries included in the research are The Netherlands, Argentina, China, Australia, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Spain, Canada, Sweden, Indonesia, Russian Federation, Italy, France, Mexico, Turkey, United States, South Korea, Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

The report also covered over 200 companies worldwide, including Craigslist, Backpage, Adfora, OLX, Gumtree, AutoTrader, EBay Classifieds and Kijiji.


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