Executive Leadership Training

Executive leadership training for Enhanced Performance and Organizational Results

As a CEO or business owner, you are responsible for the overall performance and Results achieved by your organization. Translating your vision into actions performed by others requires self-awareness and an understanding of how human beings and your organization operates as a whole. Through executive leadership training, you will acquire a deep level of self-awareness as it relates to your ability to effect meaningful changes in employees, managers and your organization for enhancing performance and productivity.

Executive Training for Operating a Successful Company

Organizational change is personal change. Organizational improvement is personal improvement. And it begins at the top with a focus on self-awareness and the fundamentals of how human beings and organizations operate. Executive training includes a powerful framework for understanding organizational performance and productivity, and ways to intervene upon and improve two fundamental types of company results that are critical for operating a successful company:

  • Objective results – productivity, effectiveness, profitability
  • Subjective results – corporate culture, trust, relationships, mood

For organizations of virtually any size and shape, executive training entails strategies for:

  • Building a strong and fully-functioning leadership team.
  • Creating shared understanding of – and shared commitment to – the company’s mission, goals and priorities.
  • Assuming the role of Chief Architect of Company Culture.
  • Ensuring that execution – implementation – is done productively and profitably, at all levels.
  • Establishing methods for periodic and ongoing review of progress toward goals, assessing performance, and re-setting direction when necessary.

Concepts, Tools, Strategies and Practice to Support your Particular Learning Needs

executive leadership training is designed to provide you with powerful and transformational insights about yourself and your ways of interacting. You will also be introduced to a new and powerful way of understanding language, conversations and the “actual actions” of effective leadership. Your training will include emotional and physical domains, human elements within all of us that dramatically impact our capacity to communicate and effectively lead others within an organization.

You will see with “new eyes” the strengths and the areas for improvement within yourself and your organization.  And you will be equipped with new tools and a new clarity about the most powerful drivers of execution and culture within your workplace.

Leadership development programs are custom-designed to address your needs, concerns and goals. You will gain a deeper understanding about leadership styles and leadership qualities that help and hinder effectiveness. For individual executives or executive leadership teams, these interactive leadership training courses promise to expand your awareness, build your leadership skills and increase your ability to achieve positive Results.