INSOFTDEV presents the Online Taxi Dispatch System


Online Taxi Dispatch System – Take control of your business!

London has always been a star among the most visited capital cities on a worldwide level.

In addition to this it is also a financial hub and attracts multinational companies, together with its adjacent great number of business men.With more than 7 million visitors each year and around 8 million inhabitants, anyone can see the necessity of a complex and efficient means of transport.

The local government in charge is the so called Tfl (Transport for London) and it is responsible for the London Underground, London Rail and other surface means of transport, such as the London Buses and the Public Carriage Office. This means that minicabs and Black Cabs have to respect certain regulations and provide professional services.

A manager of a private hire minicab company in London needs to keep up with the modern times as much as any other business sector.Great demand attracts a greater profit and also higher expectations.

This is why INSOFTDEV has developed a software perfect for minicab companies and is constantly introducing new, modern features. Being suitable for a start-up or an already well-established business on the privet hire market, you can imagine that an online dispatch system will and should become a must for any respectable and profit-oriented manager.

This young team has come up with an idea of an online dispatch system that unifies the best features available on the market, plus inspiring new functions, suitable for any minicab business. For example, as a manager, you can now take advantage of a cloud platform and forget about the old desktop one. No setup or installation is required, meaning that you can manage your whole activity from any location or electronic device that has an Internet connection. Moreover, you can now have your own, personalized and friendly interfaced online platforms. Your employees and customers will be thankful for these two efficient solutions. InSoftDEV can also include mobile apps for passengers and drivers, web booker to be embeded in your websites, along with the online dispatch, allowing you to be up to date with the latest technology trends.

The most popular software developed by INSOFTDEV is the OTDS (Online Taxi Dispatch System). This all-in-one dispatch comprises all the necessary solutions: client data reports, audit logs, fast and easy bookings, caller ID, cloud platform, auto-dispatch feature, driver tracking, customizable price templates, flight monitoring, customer accounts, live notifications, marketing tools, web booker, mobile applications and many more. Any manager can download a demo version and test it. The prices are highly accessible, making the Online Taxi Dispatch System available for any small or well-developed minicab business.
The team will offer you a 24/7 support for any problems that you encounter, features that you want to install and questions that you might have. And remember, everything is customizable.

We can have a friendly chitchat, a serious conversation or a private discussion. Visit the official website or contact them by email: contact [at] and by phone: +44 0 2031 500 250