NEO2 Review


NEO2 Review

NEO2 Trading System Review!

NEO2 Trading System is new weather forecasting binary options software. NEO2 square is little bit more complicated than all the robots we are used to see on daily basis. The service is using incredibly advanced solar lunar tracking matrix long with technical and fundamental analysis algorithm. Basically the neo2 square is providing the day traders with extremely advanced and sophisticated trading method. Considering not only the normal indicators on the charts and the already released fundamentals. But also, taking in consideration the solar activities and their potential effect on the earth’s climate.

We all know that climate changes are core element in the upcoming emerging market swings, especially if we talk about commodities. Such as: gold wheat, oil, silver, gas and others. The weather prediction trading methods are not something new, they are used by the professional traders for many years now. NEO2 trading system is the very first fully automated method. Executing everything on autopilot from analysis, spotting and placing trades on the exchange.

NEO2 Square is designed by Jack Piers. A former NOAA {National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) employee and weather enthusiast.

Second man who actually come up with the second part of the algorithms, is Michael Freeman. He is a well-known binary options trader and software developer. He also owns big FB trading group and the biggest YouTube trading channel! The idea is to merge Jack’s new weather tracking matrix with the advanced binary options cutting edge systems.

Third person who actually made all this possible is Amit Gupta. The leading programmer and president of has probably the hardest task. He and his team must create easy to operate 3 click platform, which can be used by anyone. But first he actually must connect the two systems in order for them to work together!

After couple of months the expert team managed to complete the goal. NEO2 trading platform looks amazing and its simple as 3 click operation. Anyone above 18 years can use it with literally no tech or trading knowledge!

At this point NEO2 is free! The Financial Officer, William Van Loon has taken a decision to make beta focus trading group. During that group, which will last at least 30 days, the software is completely free for registration, no strings attached! After that the premium version on NEO2 trading system will cost $7900, exclusively on All participates in the focus group will keep their free licenses!

NEO2 trading system is enjoying very high endorsement by the trading community. At this point all industry blogs forums and news portals are approving the software. The web is full of real success stories of people who are already managing to gain good profits with this software. There is no doubt NEO2 trading system is the biggest tech release in 2016. Even the amazing Jassy Heiman confirmed that. The guy became famous after he take part in Super Bowl commercial. There he kissed the super model Bar Rafaelli.


The Official website does not contain any gimmicks or false credentials. The presentation video is short and straight to the point. We couldn’t hear any unrealistic or deceptive claims! At this point NEO2 trading system is confirmed as legit and recommended for registration!

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