Online Overload, Real World Innovation


Over the last decade, the number of global internet users increased to 2.4 billion, a 500% surge that has created a dynamic opportunity for many entrepreneurs and a plethora of choices for cyber-space surfers.

Although multifaceted, the current state of accessing information online can be put simply.  Suppose it’s a rainy day and you decide to stop by the mall to pick up a new pair of shoes. Now, envision walking into a seemingly normal mall, only to find that all of the stores inside have abnormally changed into businesses that only carry shoes. This is you searching the web today.

Nick Mysore, retail and branding expert, sees the momentous shift from the physical to the digital world as one that could jeopardize the practicality of the Web for both businesses and consumers. “Brands are getting lost.” In the mist of this almost infinitive sea of data and brands are the Web users that “don’t have a simple, efficient way of conducting search.”

So what does the future hold for effectively accessing information online?

Nick advises technology companies here in the Dallas Metroplex, is convinced that generating a unique way to search is the key. Innovative platforms have to be designed to easily connect users directly with the information they are looking for; via type, scan, voice and search. The branding guru’s experience leads him to believe that “by associating categories and brands that are relevant together, consumers and companies can get linked closer together.”

Now, imagine going into cyber space and bypassing the “middle man”– the search engine that you most often use. All of a sudden, the mall that once turned into stores that only carried shoes, has transformed back into a shopping smorgasbord.  The amount of materials available on the web is swelling; leading some to believe that retrieving information online more efficiently needs to be imminent. As technological trends continue to fluctuate, the future of accessing data on the World Wide Web might become simpler and may be closer than you’d imagine.

Noel Liz Smart