Planning a cruise for a group

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River Cruises

Instead of the high seas, think of gentle rivers with scenic views. River cruises travel through towns and cities, offering a glimpse into American history and places that can only be reached by plane. Europe is absolutely beautiful as you relax on deck while the landscape displays dramatic architexture by day and shimmering, romantic lights at night.

The mighty Mississippi River is one of the most famous rivers in the world. This long, winding river easily carries steamboats to the deep south where grand plantations preside surrounded by gardens and stately oak trees. The upper south is a reminder of the pioneer days with museums and clutural experiences. River cruises through the Amazon are one of nature’s best upclose experiences. Jungle river cruises show sloths and pink monkeys in a natural habitat while a master chef prepares dialy meals.

Europe is always a top destination. A river cruise is the ultimate way to see all the magnificent scenery without having to plan every detail of a trip. Once the ship docks, tour buses take passengers to see the most popular sites of the city. Travel to Paris, France and see the Eiffel Tower and the stone farmhouse where Claude Monet worked and lived. Visit the beaches of Normandy. A place etched in history. A river cruise through China is an unforgettable experience that will never be forgotten. China welcomes guests with elegant palaces and gardens known the world over. Walk along the Great Wall of China and take in a wall that dates back to the 7th century BC. A vacation in China would not be complete without seeing the amazing life-sized terra cotta soldiers. Thousands of warriors and horses are housed in the evacuation facility and a museum also has many items on display. Glide through the Three Gorges while eating breakfast and enjoy spectacular scenery. Spain is memorable from beginning to end. Lush, green hills and villas just a stones throw away from the ship drift slowly by until arriving at a new destination filled with castles, wineries and towns with cobblestone streets.

River cruises are why vacations are planned for a relaxing time and some of the best locations in the world. handles all the arrangements by making sure passengers visit all the top attraction and the transportation to get there. Luxury ships with gourment food and unmatched customer service provide the ultimate vacation experience.