Resume Cheetah Floors Resume Rabbit in the Job hunting Process


Resume Cheetah Floors Resume Rabbit in the Job hunting Process

Resume Cheetah is better and faster

The processes involved in getting a job could be so tiring, especially if the person in question is unemployed. Usually, he or she wants to get a job as fast as possible. And then, at times too, there is the problem of which job search process he or she should subscribe to. This is also not different for one who is already employed, but is seeking a better job or pay.

Well, most times, that choice boils down to whether he or she should use Resume Rabbit or the revolutionary Resume Cheetah.  So what’s the way forward?

Resume Rabbit had been a good man in the area of job search until recent. It has some advantages. The first is that it provides critique of resume. If your resume isn’t up to par you won’t get a call. Trust me if you were looking for a job, you won’t like that. With service fee costing less than a hundred dollar, Resume Rabbit boasts of affordability. This is good news for those currently unemployed; at least you get to save some money. With Resume Rabbit, the user gets to create an account and login and can then access a nice amount of job boards where his resume is posted along with a report in real time. Lastly, having the user’s resume posted to all of the major job boards and smaller ones can help him down the line with finding employment.

Having said all those and after the much hype about Resume Rabbit, here comes the greatest shocker. Resume Rabbit only posts your resume to job boards. Of course, if the employer posts a job and is getting a large amount of applicants, your resume might not even be looked into let alone you being considered for the job opening. So this probably is the greatest drawback about resume rabbit. It might not guarantee that you would get a job fast or even get it at all.

On the other hand the legendary Resume Cheetah achieves more in a rather simple style. The pros of using resume cheetah are very abundant. The first, it doesn’t just post your resume on a job board, your resume is actually applied to the job opening on your behalf. The next is that the whole process is done by an actual human resource professional and not just anyone with a meager knowledge of the hiring processes. Definitely, Resume Cheetah service includes a critique service just as is obtainable with Resume Rabbit. An extra bonus comes with the use of Resume Cheetah; you receive a copy of a great book. The book, “How to get a job” will assist you in your job quest. In addition to the above features, Resume Cheetah gives you a listing of recruiters that you can also email your resume and cover letter too as well to get you even better results.  Considering the services so rendered, one would think (and rightly so) that this service should cost about a thousand dollars. But truth is, all these the user of this service gets at a very affordable fee.

The cons of resume cheetah are minor. Since Resume Cheetah centralizes its resume applications and submission to job openings in the US, there are not so much chances of finding a suitable job opening outside of the US. That said, Resume Cheetah would actually wait for the resume submission to be completed before reporting to the applicant details of positions applied. This period is usually about 48 hours and compared with the service’s resultant effectiveness, the wait should be worth it.

As noticed, the cons of using Resume Cheetah to get a job are negligible and are outweighed by the service’s many benefits. So if you ask me to help you make a choice between Resume Cheetah and Resume Rabbit, I will without much ado ask you to opt for Resume Cheetah. The Cheetah surely is faster than the rabbit.