Revolutionize Your Hair- STELLA

by sql25 | on March 25, 2013

So Im a guy who likes to experiment with my hair. Just a few months ago I asked the barber to hook me up a mohawk. He looked at me like I was odd for a second then proceeded to cut me up a mohawk. A few months before that I had a tapered fade. Back in the summer I wanted to grow out some braids. Today Im rocking a bald fade and at night I wrap my head in a doo-wrag to keep my waves as deep as the ocean. With all of these changes in styles I have to keep up the money for a different chemical to maintain a different hair style. If I want the mohawk I need something to keep the hawk soft and light so that I can put a comb through it. When Im rocking the taper fade I need something to keep my entire head moisturized so that I wont suffer from dandruff and dry scalp. Now that I Im with waves I need sort of a wave cream to keep thoes waves locked in and everything applies with braids or dreads.

So the reason for this post is that I`ve found the perfect product for all hairstyles, all hair types, and all heads. This new product is called STELLA!!! Stella Shampoos & Conditioners will revolutionize your hair.Unlock your hair’s potential for Silky Smoothness and Luminous Shine.The Stella Product System will strengthen your hair with Shea Butter, Olive Oil that provides natural hydration and Keratin Protein which stops Shedding & Also helps with DANDRUFF & ITCHY SCALP. It produces Healthy Hair with Radiant Shine!!!

This system does all of this and is also offered at a very reasonable price. A 32oz Shampoo goes for $20, 32oz Conditioner $25, the 8 oz Oil-Free sheen goes for $15, the 8oz Hot Oil treatment $15 and the 8 oz Leave-In Conditioner goes for $15. Stella works with all types of hair and all ages guaranteed.

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