Solomon A a hot entertainer from Atlanta drops a entertaining album on iTunes

Solomon A. an Entertainer You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

In a quest for a pleasurable feel, we make attempts to escape from boredom or even simply want to be away from the work tension in order to feel true happiness and get relieved. Taste often make us desire quality-a guarantee that we will have a great time with ourselves, friends or with families. In the musical sense (one of the best ways you can relax), we have choices; be it our own kind of artist, the style of music that we like, musical genre or certain beat that assuredly turns us in and put us in the right mood. We respond greatly to music when we listen to a star artist sing in a way that connects with our soul, emotion, feeling and all that – and this is what I call the “High Up” rhythm.


Are you a lover and fan of the euro pop/disco/electro hop? Do you love it when a little bit of comedy comes right into the music performances you experience?

Here comes the new artist and amazing performer that will definitely satisfy your desire for a refreshing moment. Solomon A. Harrison is a great artist that has come to join the likes of great global entertaining artists. His passion for music coupled with the ‘entertainment gene’ that runs through the family makes him a good buy for any eventful show. Solomon A. comes with unique customs which on many occasion has received great and positive comments by many and you definitely will have a say on this too. His performances ever since he ventured into the fulfilling dream of his, have been great and as such have earned him some “come again” calls on many occasions. Of course, who would not love to listen to such a great star Again! And Again!!?


The great performances of Solomon have also earned him the opportunity to feature in great TV shows such as the “America’s Got Talent”, “American Idol” and the “BET’s Apollo live”. He is “the grand performer” that offers whatever you can find in artists such as Weird Al, Madonna, Prince, and Rick James as these people are key to his musical influence. So if you are a lover of any or all of these artists, I can assure you that you won’t be in any way disappointed being entertained by this great performer and artist. Solomon A. is full of fun and is definitely one you’d love to be with as he naturally and gracefully unleash his “inborn and experience-aroused” musical and art talent right on stage.

Solomon A. is also gifted in songwriting which makes him a whole load of talent for you and I to enjoy. No doubt, he’s the peoples’ choice because everyone is always wanting to witness his performance. Experienced event planners and organizers know how to make use of that opportunity too. You can check out Solomon A on Facebook, Twitter, and his own personal website. He also has music available on iTunes make sure you grab a copy today.