Trouble Getting Hired?

Program Seeks to Beat the Applicant Tracking System at Its Own Game

Innovator needs help to fund the “Complete Career Change Program™ ” Kickstarter project.

During her doctoral research, Dr. Karen Gurney (41) noticed articles covering the job skill mismatch and problems with modern recruiting systems. After studying hiring psychology and successfully coaching career change clients, she uncovered a solution to the Applicant Tracking Systems using the same human psychology that has been programmed right into the search algorithms.

This is more than your average career change system. The program provides techniques to overcome the pitfalls of pattern recognition used in pre-screening and final selection.

“The program teaches career changers the methods used by the applicant tracking systems to select talent giving program users an advantage when applying for jobs. Solving for the problems with modern hiring systems also means finding solutions for being overqualified, having gaps on the resume, explaining terminations, and performing negotiation salaries,” says Dr. Gurney. It features a clever method called Master Resume Profiling© which uses the job ad to build algorithm friendly applications. At the same time, the key program design assists candidates in identifying alternative career options, a critical skill needed in today’s changing job market.

Karen realized that video instruction was a necessary aspect to teach the program to users. Determined to push the program development forward, she continues to tweak the design through numerous prototypes and feedback. This is why she has decided to run a Kickstarter campaign to crowd-source the $5,000 necessary for a videographer.

Kickstarter campaigns operate under an “all-or-nothing” funding model so if the Complete Career Change Program™ project does not reach its goal at the end of one month then Dr. Gurney goes home empty-handed.

Check out the Complete Career Change Program on and be among the first in the world to use this product in your career change.

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Karen Gurney studied Workforce and Economic Development (Ph.D.) and Business Administration (MBA) at Cleveland University and currently works as a career coach with clients throughout the United States. She is based in the Greater Cleveland, OH area. She regularly performs her keynote “The Two Aspects of Human Psychology Killing Great Hires” to professional groups and universities and recently spoke to Society of Human Resource members about construct validity issues in pre-screen applicant tracking system questions. Her coaching skills, doctoral research, entrepreneurial savvy, and experience in workforce development makes her a great choice to tackle the challenge of bringing the Complete Career Change Program into the world.