Unlimited Netflix USA in Canada

Netflix is a great video streaming site. Unfortunately, it is only available in the United States. The streaming site is not fully accessible when you are from Canada. Netflix may be just exclusive in the US alone, but there are ways that you may take in order to break through the site to do full access video streaming.  Netflix USA in Canada can be done by paying or free.

How to watch Netflix in Canada by paying

To watch Netflix USA, you can do it by paying for services. You can look online for Netflix streaming paid access online. There are actually many services that you can choose from with different rates. Payment can be done through PayPal or you may also choose to give off your credit card information if you would like to subscribe for a certain range of time, either months or years of services. Your credit card would be charged monthly depending on how much you have used the Netflix video streaming. It would be ideal if you choose unlimited Netflix access in Canada at fixed rates.

This way of watching Netflix in Canada would somehow be very costly on your side. If you do not like this way of watching Netflix and save some money, you can take some steps to gain free access even when you are in Canada.

How to gain Netflix access in Canada

Just so you know, sites that provide Netflix access for certain costs use VPN connections. The reason these VPN connections are used is to be able to hide the IP address that you have and show a US internet IP instead.  You can actually connect to a VPN on your own. This is what knowledgeable people from Canada does in order to avoid paying Netflix access to other sites.

Connecting to VPN for Netflix access

Netflix Canada is highly possible if you connect to a VPN server. These VPN servers can be found online. These VPN’s or Virtual Process Networks however have some differences. If you are going to pick a VPN server, you should have some factors to consider. The major factor that you must put to consideration should be the capacity of bandwidth that a certain VPN connection can give off. Without sufficient bandwidth, you cannot stream on Netflix since video streaming there takes up a lot of bandwidth. An example of a site with a great VPN connection would be hidemyass.com. Connecting through this proxy free site would allow you to have your IP hidden and gain a US IP.  This then would open unlimited connection to Netflix and watch all the videos you want with no cost at all.

There are many VPN servers to connect out there. Just do a little bit of research on VPN sites that carry great bandwidth capacities. You can read through articles and blogs online on this topic. As a conclusion, connecting to a VPN server gives you unlimited Netflix streaming at zero cost. You can also visit website at http://www.usnetflix.ca/ for more info.