Wade Dundee & Edinburgh Review


I’m Steven Wade from Dundee, Scotland (1hr away from Edinburgh) and I’m writing today to tell you about Dundee.

Dundee is a city in Scotland. It’s the 4th largest though it’s not so big. Edinburgh is the capital.

We have a thriving cultural, art, restaurant and nightlife scene here.

Steven Wade from Dundee (myself) loves the following things about the city…

  • The law hill
  • The perth road
  • Lochee high street (check out the Sporting Lounge)
  • The characters
  • The Discovery
  • The Unicorn
  • The Wellgate
  • McDonalds

Dundee has it all.

Edinburgh however is even more charming. With it’s castle, royal mile, and history.

Interesting place and you have the yearly Edinburgh Festival & Fringe (largest arts festival in the world) and the Hogmany Street Party (NYE Party).

Comparing Dundee to Edinburgh is hard. Ones a thriving capital city and the other much smaller.

Both have their plus points. Sometimes I wish I was Steven Wade from Edinburgh and not Steven Wade from Dundee but such is life.

If you’re thinking of visiting either Dundee or Edinburgh I could recommend it. It’s very interesting and fun.

Come visit.

Things to do in Edinburgh include:

  • Visiting the Castle
  • The Royal Mile
  • Arthur Seat
  • Hollyrood
  • Princess Street Gardens
  • The Grassmarket (great bars and restaurants)
  • Rose Street (legendary pub crawl)
  • Edinburgh Zoo (incredible)
  • Murrayfield for rugby

You should also try the haggis when in Edinburgh and a wee dram of whisky. Delicious.

Haggis is sheep organs wrapped in sheep stomach and boiled with spices. Sounds vile but quite delicious really.

With “neeps n tatties” (potatoes and turnip) it goes down a treat.

There are many restaurants to try it but Steven Wades Edinburgh favourite is most definitely The Haggis On The Mile restaurant a short walk from the castle, delicious!

Once you’ve finished there you can go for a walk around the mile to burn the calories off, one mile of history, culture and beautiful buildings.

Walk from the castle to Holyrood (Scottish Paraliment Building) and then up Arthurs Seat (inactive volcano) if you’re really feeling brave.

Oh and don’t forget some of the legendary udnerground ghost tours in the city, whenever Steven Wade is in Edinburgh always goes on one.

They are scary and steeped in history and culture, spoooooooooky!

You should also try some Scottish beer like Innis & Gunn or Brewdog, both delicious.

Brewdogs Dead Pony Club being one of my favourites. They go great with the haggis!

I think I’ve pretty much covered everything I can about Dundee and Edinburgh.

So this is Steven Wade, Dundee man (wished he lived in Edinburgh) signing off,

Thanks for reading and visit my website sometime: