Whistleblower Weekly: Cop’s shop supplied uniforms to officers

WLSAM.com’s Adam Zielinski Reports
CHICAGO (WLS) – Were the police and firefighters of one near west suburb town pressured into purchasing their uniforms from the village’s deputy police chief?

Andy Shaw, President and CEO of the Better Government Association, joined WLS Radio’s Don Wade and Roma Friday to discuss the latest investigation by Whistleblower Weekly.

The Shirt Shop, owned by Melrose Park deputy police chief Michael Castellan, supplied $55,000 worth of uniforms to officers under his command as well as the village’s firefighters from 2009 to 2010.

The money spent in Castellan’s shop came from a village stipend provided to the officers and firefighters for their uniforms.

“All of that money came from the taxpayers because the cops and firemen have a uniform allowance. All of those purchases went into the pocket of the Castellan family,” Shaw says.

Whistleblower Weekly: Cop’s shop supplied uniforms to officers

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