Activists to Dump Genetically-Modified Groceries at Whole Foods Today

If you’re walking past the Lincoln Park Whole Foods this morning and see a huge heap of food sitting on the ground, it’s not a sale. The Organic Consumers Association, as part of their “Millions Against Monsanto” campaign, is dumping genetically modified foods in front of Whole Foods at noon. They’ll also be holding a press conference, in an attempt to convince more of the food-shopping public that GMO foods should be labeled.

The “Millions Against Monsanto” campaign is fighting for transparency in labeling, an issue which causes tremors amongst the food industry. While almost all of us have eaten genetically modified food of some sort, a 2006 survey by Pew indicates that less than 30% of consumers think they have – probably because there is no requirement that genetically-modified food be labelled. On the other hand, food producers are worried consumers are much less likely to buy foods if they have scary labels with scientific terms on them, and Monsanto claims that genetically modified foods have no proven health risks. [Full Disclosure – I am a member of the OCA, but do not plan to participate in this protest.]

via Activists to Dump Genetically-Modified Groceries at Whole Foods Today: Chicagoist.