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NSA should come clean about domestic spying

By JENNIFER BAIN, Last Updated: 6:18 PM, June 17, 2013, Posted: 4:09 PM, June 17, 2013 Police Commissioner Ray Kelly launched a stinging rebuke to the federal government’s secret phone and Internet monitoring campaign — and suggested leaker Edward Snowden was right about privacy “abuse.” “I don’t think it ever …

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27 Edward Snowden Quotes About U.S. Government Spying

That Should Send A Chill Up Your Spine Submitted by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse blog, Would you be willing to give up what Edward Snowden has given up? He has given up his high paying job, his home, his girlfriend, his family, his future and his freedom just …

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Obama administration takes first step in probe on who leaked info about phone, email tracking

The Obama administration has taken a first step toward opening a criminal investigation into the purported leaking of classified documents related to the federal government tracking Americans’ phone calls and emails, a source familiar with the high-level discussions told Fox News on Saturday. The source said James Clapper, the director …

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B-24 Liberator Willow Run Assembly Plant

The manufacturing and construction production video for the Consolidated B-24 Liberator heavy bomber. This video is about the Ford Motor Company production plant at Willow Run for B-24’s before and during World War II. Ford Motor Company manufactured and built B-24 Liberators under license from Consolidated Aircraft Company. Production rates …

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Get Your Ex back For Ever

Everyone desires to live in a fairy tale world which always has a happily ever after ending. But how many of us are actually content with what we have. Imagine changing your everyday lifestyle and having what you desire. Yes it is possible… http://www.lovespell.in

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You’re Appointing Who? Please Obama, Say It’s Not So!

The person who may be responsible for more food-related illness and death than anyone in history has just been made the US food safety czar. This is no joke. Here’s the back story. When FDA scientists were asked to weigh in on what was to become the most radical and …

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