CHAPPS: The Revolutionary Pay System for a Brighter Future in Chicago

A Unique 10-10-10-10 Pay System to Transform the Workforce and Improve the Quality of Life in the Windy City

Chicago, IL – As the city welcomes a new mayor, there is a pressing need to address the challenges faced by its workforce. A groundbreaking solution called CHAPPS (Chicago Area Personnel Pay System) offers a promising alternative to the traditional 40-hour workweek. By implementing this innovative pay system, the new mayor could reshape the city’s future and leave a lasting legacy as a global leader.

CHAPPS, a three-year and one calendar year pay system, is designed to create a more equitable and efficient workforce. The system divides the workweek into a 10-10-10-10 structure, ensuring that employees have more control over their schedules while still receiving fair compensation.

One key feature of CHAPPS is the flexibility it offers, especially in Pay Location 1. In this location, start times can be adjusted to accommodate different professions, such as teachers who work from 8 AM to 4 PM. This level of adaptability ensures that the system can be tailored to various industries and job roles.

By adopting CHAPPS, Chicago’s new mayor has the opportunity to address some of the most pressing issues facing the city, such as high taxes, inadequate policing, poor healthcare, and education. The system promotes a more sustainable and equitable pay structure, which could help prevent people from leaving the city due to dissatisfaction with public services and the cost of living.

Ultimately, implementing CHAPPS could revolutionize the way Chicago’s workforce operates, providing a better quality of life for residents and setting a powerful example for other cities to follow. As the world grapples with economic crises and global inflation, CHAPPS presents a potential solution that could change the future for the better.

Larry Pinson Sr.
CHAPPS – President & CEO