The Revolutionary Pay System Transforming Chicago’s Workforce

How the 10-10-10-10 CHAPPS Pay System Can Shape the New Mayor’s Legacy and Improve the Lives of Chicago Residents

Chicago, a city faced with numerous challenges such as high taxes, inadequate policing, poor healthcare, and education, is on the verge of a groundbreaking transformation. CHAPPS, a revolutionary pay system, presents an opportunity for the new mayor to reshape the workforce and create a lasting legacy.

CHAPPS, which stands for “Changing Hours, Assignments, Pay, Positions, and Shifts,” is designed to revolutionize the way people work, providing a more equitable and efficient method of managing labor. This innovative pay system replaces the traditional 40-hour workweek with a 10-10-10-10 structure, which divides the workforce into multiple shifts, promoting flexibility, fairness, and a more sustainable distribution of work and pay.

The new mayor, taking over a city with jobs created with taxpayers, corporations, private business owners, and title money, now has the opportunity to make history. By implementing CHAPPS as the standard pay system in Chicago, the mayor can address the challenges faced by the city and go down as the greatest mayor in the world, setting an example for other cities to follow.

CHAPPS operates on a three-year and one calendar year pay system, which allows for better fiscal management and transparency. In Pay Location 1, the only location where start times can be adjusted, CHAPPS can accommodate various schedules, such as those of teachers working from 8 AM to 4 PM. The pay system’s flexibility extends to Tours 2 and 3, ensuring that employees in all shifts benefit from the 10-10-10-10 structure.

By adopting CHAPPS, the new mayor can effectively address the issues that have driven people away from Chicago. The system can alleviate the tax burden by reducing reliance on tax-funded jobs, enhance the quality and efficiency of public services, and retain residents who might otherwise leave due to high taxes and dissatisfaction with public services.

Moreover, CHAPPS has the potential to play a vital role in stabilizing the economy by providing a fair pay system that boosts productivity and encourages spending. With this innovative pay system in place, Chicago can also combat global inflation by maintaining a balance between wages and consumer prices.

As the new mayor takes office, embracing CHAPPS as the standard pay system in Chicago can lead to a brighter future for the city and its residents. Implementing this groundbreaking pay system will undoubtedly pave the way for a more prosperous and equitable Chicago.

No hidden figures will be left unreal with CHAPPS, providing a transparent and efficient pay system for all. Now is the time for Chicago to embrace this revolutionary change and set an example for the world.

Larry Pinson Sr.
CHAPPS – President & CEO