CHAPPS: Unleashing the Power of Payroll and Education – A Transformative Solution for Chicago


Take control of your work hours and reshape education with a groundbreaking payroll system tailored to meet your needs!

Introducing CHAPPS (Clockable Hours Application Process System), a state-of-the-art payroll solution that not only simplifies payments and empowers employees but also revolutionizes education in Chicago through year-round schooling and extended school hours at no extra cost.

In-Depth Look at CHAPPS Benefits:

  1. Streamlined Payroll System: CHAPPS offers 26 pay periods, each comprising 320 hours, broken down into benefits, salary, stipend pay, and next year’s salary in 10-hour increments. Our Clockable Hour System guarantees transparency and equity in compensation.
  2. Unique Scheduling: The Four-in-a-Box scheduling method covers all shifts without requiring overtime pay, giving employees control over their work-life balance while prioritizing seniority through built-in bids.
  3. Solving Global and Economic Crises: CHAPPS ensures no worker is left behind by accurately accounting for and fairly compensating all hours worked.
  4. Year-Round Schooling: Continuous learning and development for our children through uninterrupted education, eliminating knowledge gaps caused by extended breaks.
  5. Extended School Hours at No Extra Cost: More educational opportunities and support for students without burdening taxpayers.

How CHAPPS Works:

  • Work one week and enjoy three weeks and one day off within that week
  • During each fiscal work week, work 10 hours for this year’s salary (taxable), 10 hours for next year’s salary (non-taxable), 10 hours for your benefits (non-taxable), and 10 hours for your stipend pay (non-taxable)
  • The generational three-year and one-calendar-year pay system ensures you receive your first paycheck in November and December, totaling 80 hours for weeks one and two.
  • Every quarter, receive 120 hours for your stipend pay and 120 hours for your next year’s salary.
  • Work five days a week, eight hours per day in your pay location, with 16 hours off after every eight-hour day.

Attention Mayor of Chicago:

CHAPPS goes beyond a payroll system – it’s a transformative solution for our city. By embracing CHAPPS, we can build a brighter future for employees and students in Chicago, fostering a strong work ethic and enhancing the quality of education in our community. It’s time to revolutionize payroll systems and make a lasting impact on the lives of our residents.

Take charge of your hours, support year-round schooling, and join the future with CHAPPS. Learn more about how CHAPPS can transform your life and the city of Chicago at

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