Chicago looking to regulate ride-sharing businesses


Cab companies say ordinance won’t go far enough

The traditional cab light is being replaced by your phone. Ridesharing apps are becoming increasingly popular and they are sometimes 25% cheaper than your average cab ride. Lyft is one of the ridesharing apps and is known for its pink mustache. Luis
Jon Hilkevitch Getting Around February 3, 2014

Shared rides” for hire, advertised as a less-expensive and hip alternative to taking a taxi, have been growing in popularity across the Chicago area and the U.S. — virtually free from any government oversight.

The Emanuel administration, which has strongly supported commercial ride-sharing since it started locally about a year ago, now is saying that the absence of regulation will end soon in the city, pointing to a draft ordinance that has been in the works for six months.

City officials said that while the technology companies offering ride-sharing are helping to boost Chicago’s efforts to be a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, enforcement is needed to protect the public, both on safety and consumer fronts.

 Chicago looking to regulate ride-sharing businesses