Chicago Prime Meats: The Best Butcher Shop in Glen Ellyn

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Chicago Prime Meats is an incredible butcher shop located in Glen Ellyn, IL. It offers so much more than just fresh, never-frozen meat. They also offer incredible catering services and a full-service deli. Their staff is friendly and very helpful in telling you the difference between a Chuck Blade Pot Roast and a Chuck Arm Pot Roast, including how best to prepare any meat they serve.

These butchers take the time and effort to hand-trim every cut of meat so that it is perfectly balanced and exactly what beef should be. They also take custom orders so that if they don’t have the cut you’re looking for, it can be quickly carved up to suit any occasion you may have. These expert butchers are also skilled at informing you how to prepare your meat for the best results. Burning a Prime T-Bone Steak to Well-done is a waste of the incredible marbling and tenderness, and the butchers at Chicago Prime Meats can tell you how to do it right!

Chicago Prime specializes in USDA Prime beef. Their selection of every kind of steak from FIlet Mignons to the Porterhouse is incredible, and everything is top-quality. All of their meat arrives fresh and leaves the store fresh without ever spending time being processed, frozen, treated, or in any way compromised in its quality.

They also serve incredible Top-Choice beef, which is still more flavorful and tender than beef found in most any supermarket. The marbling and tenderness of all of Chicago Prime Meat’s products is truly incredible. But the secret to their quality is no secret at all, it’s simply the best product they can put forth, prepared by an experienced staff and served at the peak of freshness.

Glen Ellyn is an excellent place for fresh meat, but Chicago Prime Meats also delivers their products all over the Chicagoland area. Schaumburg, Joliet, Orland Park, Aurora, and Bolingbrook have the same access to incredible USDA Prime Ribeye Steaks, as well as their unique Chicago Prime Tender Steak. This means that anytime you have a craving for meat, you can have them at your home on your schedule, making your life and you shopping list both much simpler.

Chicago Prime Meats is an old-world butcher shop with modern facilities and an expansive list of services and options. Their meat is the best.