Chicago rally to end vaccine mandates led by students: ‘Freedoms were given by God, not government’

By FOX 32 Digital Staff Published January 29, 2022,  Wheeling FOX 32 Chicago

Chicago’s Thompson Center was the site of a rally on Saturday to end the mandates for masks and vaccines, led by local students who said it was unfair that unvaccinated people were being “segregated.”

“First we had remote learning – which was completely unsuccessful – then when we’re allowed to go back to school, they want masks, and now they want vaccines, but why? For a demographic that has .003% chance of contracting a severe illness from COVID?” asked Emma Arns, president of the local Turning Point USA chapter and a senior at Wheeling High School.

Arns spoke in front of a sign that said “My brothers & sisters, you were born free.” Other signs held up and worn by the crowd said things like “Let’s go Brandon,” “We will not comply,” “Follow the $cience,” and “Pfizer does not own we the people.”

The vaccine mandates in Cook County and Chicago require residents to show proof of vaccination before entering a restaurant, gym or other public business.

“These freedoms are not given to us by our government, they are given to us by God,” Arns said. “Our creator also gave us courage.”