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150x55xheading_logo_smallgifpagespeedicVyJ5WR6yk9It’s that time of the year to break out the clubs and start playing GOLF! After that awful winter there is a lot of pent up demand for anything outdoors, especially golf. was started in 1999 because there was very limited information on golf courses online. Since then we’ve been surpassed by the big companies with massive budgets and agendas. Our budget at has just been sweat equity and our agenda has never changed. That agenda is that we just want to provide the public with a un-moderated and independent voice. Many of the big golf directories censor comments, delete anything critical that the user has to say, and overall just want to sell you stuff. Our approach hasn’t made us much money but we don’t care. The internet is about sharing information and making honest and cool product, period.

So enough of the serious talk, check out and rate and review your favortie courses. Also, if you have an Android device, our app is available here: