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Signs of trouble for China-US relations because of Trump’s tantrums

The United States of America is trying to build a cooperative and comprehensive relationship with China because they are expanding cooperation areas such as human rights and cyber security. China-US Relations and the USA must welcome a prosperous China and give it a great role in world affairs because of that practical cooperation. If we analyze the annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue, we can agree that bilateral understanding should expand consensus because differences and mutual trust will certainly increase cooperation. Of course, Strategic and Economic Dialogue provided benefit for both the countries through various projects and initiatives addressed to regional and global challenges such as North Korea and Iran, Sudan and South Sudan, climate change, energy security, and environmental protection.

The USA has to enhance bilateral trust through formal dialogues. US’s integral part of an engagement with Asia-Pacific regions is its relations with China.

The United States of America has focused on China in these principal areas: 

  • Environmental protection and climate change
  • Human rights
  • Tibetan communities
  • Pandemic diseases

These programs have been expanded with local Chinese resources. There were targeted areas for limiting the transmission of influenza, HIV and other diseases that became threats to global security.

The high-ranking Chinese delegation was recently in Washington where they met with President Obama and with the Secretary of Finance Tim Geithner. At this point, the Chinese hold two trillion US dollars, which means that the owner of a large part of US debt is Beijing.

At the same time, China’s Trade under Trump happened and the Chinese became aware that America is a very important trading partner and a healthy US economy is a precondition for such a partnership as the deteriorated state of the US economy and higher inflation caused a decline in the value of the US dollar and thus, the Chinese stocks and decline in the US currency trade exchange.

So you have the delicate relations between Trump and China Policy and therefore, America is no longer insisting on the issue of human rights or Tibet since China is aware of that importance not only for the US economy but also in terms of North Korea and its nuclear program.

As for Russia, it is perhaps the most important strategic partner of the United States at this moment. Moscow is crucial in providing assistance in connection with Afghanistan, Iran and North Korea. So being pragmatic and in a long-term perspective, the two key foreign policy partners of Washington are China and Russia.

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