Cleaning up of Chicago Rivers Outlined in a New Report


In addition to kayaking and water tours, imagine taking a plunge in Chicago riverbank or even sipping a cocktail?

In a report slated for release on Wednesday, the Metropolitan Planning Council (MPC) seeks to Cleanup Rivers in the Chicago area. After conducting a survey on 6,000 plus individuals who included river users, real estate developers and other stakeholders, the non-for-profit organization has come up with a program that outlines ways of cleaning and making rivers Chicago, Des Plaines and Calumet more accessible by years 2020, 2030 and 2040.

Some of the recommendations include connecting the surrounding communities with waterways, nonstop riverfront trail system and increasing the retail opportunities and recreational centers. The program also outlines ways of making the water cleaner and this will boost the ecosystem, marine wildlife such as reptiles, fish, birds and other mammals. The water will also be safer for humans to swim in.

Besides improving the water quality and environment, the report also aims at motivating and attracting investments such as fishing gear rental, watercraft and small food vendors.