Conservative Reporter Threatened by Rahm Supporters over Solyndra (VIDEO)

Rahm Emanuel recently spoke before a group of prominent businessmen at Chicago’s Fairmont Hotel, creating the perfect opportunity for Chicago media to ask the former chief of staff about his involvement in the now widening Solyndra scandal.

It was a perfect opportunity to question the former White House Chief-of-Staff under President Barack Obama about what he knew, and therefore what, we can assume, President Obama knew, about the Solyndra scandal. It was, after all, during Emanuel’s tenure as chief-of-staff that the $535 million loan to Solyndra was finalized following a much briefer than normal review.

After his speech before the Greater North Michigan Avenue Association, with the opportunity to ask that hard question firmly in hand, I asked now-Mayor Emanuel if he had anything to say about Solyndra, the bankrupt solar company and poster child for President Obama’s green initiative.