Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer, Does it Do it All?

The answer to that question is pretty simple. Depending on the context that you ask it in, of course. The answer is no. Da Vinci Ascent Vaporizer won’t change the channels on your TV, it won’t pack its own bowls, and it certainly doesn’t do anything to make you food. Unless (depending on what you put in it, if you know what I mean) you credit it for making you hungry enough to go get/make food.

Vaporizers have gained a lot of popularity recently and for good reasons. They are supposed to be a safer alternative than the traditional way of smoking, which entails lighting the tobacco or leafy substance of your choice on fire and inhaling the smoke. Sense we are all pretty certain that air and oxygen are the main things your lungs were designed for we can safely assume that inhaling smoke is unhealthy. It does, of course, differ depending on what smoke you are inhaling and what’s in it, but that’s a different topic all together. A vaporizer doesn’t actually ignite the substance inside of it on fire. Instead it heats it up just the right temperature for it to release the chemicals inside of it. This creates a smooth, tasty vapor for you to suck down into your lungs. They are also designed specifically for tobacco use. According to the FDA marijuana is still a Schedule 1 controlled substance, despite the fact that is legal in 2 states for recreational use. Moving on.

So, the Ascent by Da Vinci. We know that it is a vaporizer. It is a handheld device intended to vaporize dry herbs leafy substance that gets packed into it. That is pretty much all of their similarities. The Ascent doesn’t stop at loose-leaf material. No, no it doesn’t. It can also be used to vaporize a concentrate or an essential oil. It also comes jam-packed with a whole bunch of other features that make your vaping experience better.

To start off with, the Ascent comes in a multitude of colors for your personalization. It fits easily into you hand, roughly the size of 2 iPhones stacked on each other, and it’s fairly simple to use. It has a digital screen that lets you know your battery life, the temperature of the device, and allows you to go into the menu so you can control the temperature settings. It sports a retractable glass mouthpiece at the top next to the power button. In fact, the entire inhalation pathway of the device is glass. This means that it is easier to clean and doesn’t let off any odors or chemicals when vaping. The Ascent relies on a glass insert (it comes with two) to vaporize concentrates and essential oils while loose-leaf material can be ground up and put into the chamber by itself.

The Ascent is very easy to use. You just pack your desired dry herb aromatherapy substance into the bowl and close the rubber lid around it. Turn on the power and let it heat up to your desired temperature. It is designed to stay within 5 or 10 degrees of your desired temperature while you are vaping and purposefully has a harder draw to help you get the most out of each bowl. The Ascent doesn’t deliver as thick or milky of a vapor as the Iolite or Puffit vaporizer does, but it still has a great user experience.

The Ascent’s versatility is unmatched in the small handheld vaporizers department. The ability to control the temperature helps you get the exact experience you want and it makes it easier for people who are using medical marijuana get the desired effect they need. This makes it a great cannabis vaporizer or marijuana vaporizer for the 20+ states that have legalized medical marijuana.

Being able to use both loose-leaf material and concentrates in a single device does have its downfalls. It can become incredibly sticky after using an oil or concentrate and needs to be cleaned after every use or so. It can go several uses on loose-leaf material before needing to be cleaned. The rubber vial covers are supposed to keep concentrates from being drawn down the pathway but some people say that they don’t work to well and can clog the pathway or leave your teeth sticky with resin.

This device is perfect for the person who wants to save space and take only one device with them when they are on the go. It is small and vaporizes both types of material. It comes with a carrying pouch that makes all the devices accoutrements easy to bring with you everywhere you go. Its few downfalls are outshined by the fact that this device is extremely user friendly and easily tweaked to give you the exact vaping experience you are looking for.

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  1. I quit smoking and started with a portable herbal vaporizer 6 months ago. Since then, my sinuses are clear. I don’t cough any more. I don’t get winded going upstairs or walking. I haven’t had a single respiratory infection, and I used to get several every year. Vaping has changed my life.