Do Metra Conductors Hate the New App?


Better have the app open when the conductor gets to you!

Just had a conductor rudely announce that people “better have the app open when the conductor gets to you” over the intercom. Seems like people who use it piss them off? What’s the deal?


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Here to there on CTA, Pace and Metra with the new Ventra App!

The app lets you manage your Ventra account, add transit value or passes on your Ventra Card and buy and use Metra mobile tickets. Also, get notifications for account balance and upcoming expirations of passes or tickets. Plus, see real-time arrivals for CTA, Pace and Metra.


People wait till the conductor asks them for a ticket before pulling out their phone, opening the app, buying a ticket, activating the ticket and then showing the conductor.

People should have their tickets ready when the conductor comes around asking for tickets.



It takes a while to get the app loaded to the ticket page from the lock screen of most phones so its a pain in the ass to wait for people to do so

I bet a lot of people also don’t know how to use it properly and the conductors hate having to explain it every day.


I found that the best way to use it is to wait until the conductor is in your car, and then open your ticket and rapidly tap the screen until they pass you. Don’t wait until they are asking for your ticket to open the app or activate the ticket, and don’t make them tell you to tap the screen to authenticate it.

As annoying as it must be to get used to a new system, I guarantee most of them prefer it to people having to buy their ticket on the train without exact change and whatnot.


I just wonder how long it will take for someone to make a spoof app of it. I’ve only used it a few times but it doesnt seem too hard to make a fake ticket screen creator. Not that I am asking for one, mind you. I’m just saying, it doesnt seem to have many safeguards. Maybe they should holepunch our phones just to be sure.