Dynamite Fireworks Store near Chicago Rated #1 at Competitive Illinois-Indiana State Line

Chicago Fireworks

CHICAGO-WHITING-HAMMOND, Illinois & Indiana-June 28, 2019-Dynamite Fireworks is number one for the third straight year amongst the ultra competitive fireworks stores on the Illinois-Indiana State Line. The unofficial title is given to the store with the widest selection of fireworks, the lowest prices guaranteed and the cumulative 5-star reviews online. This year’s competition has been fierce both online and at the borderline, and the competition means great prices for consumers.

44 Years of DYNAMITE! from Dynamite Fireworks on Vimeo.

“With what we’re seeing coming off of the trucks, I’m most excited about the new aerials that we’ve got this year,” said Dimitri Panos, Dynamite’s Owner. “They’re more colorful and even bigger this year than ever before.”

Just in time for the fourth-of-July celebration week ahead, Dynamite Fireworks has taken customer service to another level. The amazing staff has put up televisions with footage of every fireworks display in the store, so customers can see the explosion their purchase will make on-screen before they buy fireworks.

Fireworks users are reminded to be safe this holiday.When using fireworks, shoot only outside the city limits and away from houses, tall grass or people. Keep a bucket of water nearby, have an adult present and always follow the instructions on the packages.

For directions to Dynamite Fireworks Store click here: g.page/chicagofireworksstore

All fireworks sales are available through the holiday weekend just off the I-90 exit at Calumet, on the Illinois-Indiana State Line.