Kay Chiteta – CEO & Founder, Tripa and ProudlyZambian

Report by Caroline Raymond, MN, CA

If you are a regular in the world of web-apps and internet startups then chances are you’ve either seen his projects or used one of them for personal or business use. But whether you have or not,his exceptional inspiring inventions are simply dazzling and deserve everyone’s attention.

At age 27, Zambian born entrepreneur and self-taught programmer, kay chiteta has co-created and co-coded more than 15 projects and startups. He’s also creator and co-owner to some of the internet’s trending projects including but not limited to Tripa (a cheap flights booking site) and proudlyzambian (a free promotion platform for Zambian talent).

Charmingly live and kindly vibrant, kay chiteta is ranked among a handful of the young but determined entrepreneurs gunning for the world and a better version of things. His mission he says, is to make the world a better place and improve as many lives as he possibly can.

*Tripa was recently spotlighted as one of the most promising startups in Europe with a targeted initial influence of 5/10. Initial influence (IIS) scores are used as indicators by business experts to judge and scale the productivity and influence of a company in the next five years to come. With 10 being the highest, a 5 means your business has potential to impact 50% of the worlds population.

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  1. Abie Jones Sunga

    Wow,that’s great! All the best Mr. Chiteta,nice to know someome’s heading to the top.