GOB Network Real Estate Conference

GOB Network Conference II on July 13th & 14th in Chicago

On one side are millions of people interested in real estate investing.
On the other side is financial peace, wealth, and freedom.
In the middle is a man on a mission to help people learn the basics of real estate investing.

The Windy City REI and top real estate expert Jim Biggs are pleased to announce their annual
GOB Network Multifamily Conference will be held in Rosemont, IL at the Westin O’Hare Hotel on July

Our economic world is changing rapidly and interest rates on home mortgages have skyrocketed.
Inflation is raging despite recent interest rate hikes by the Feds. Gas prices are at an all time high.
It’s taking forever to get supplies delivered. The stock market is on a slide and dangerously close
to a bear market. Many fear we are headed into a recession.

Founder of the GOB Network, Jim Biggs, with has over 20 years of experience in real estate and licenses in Florida and Illinois at
various levels from realtor to insurance and Series 6 Securities. He has served in a multitude of real estate
realtors, owners, and investors associations. Today, Jim controls and has invested in over 10000 units.

As an advisor to many, Jim brings valuable insight and guidance when it comes to finance, deal structure,
and community development. Jim is a founding partner in Jiroma Enterprises, focused on real estate investing to enhance the value
for his investors and his personal investments in multifamily commercial real estate.

“Our focus is to create generational wealth using real estate,” says Biggs

This event allows you to learn from top notch speakers, network, and get the insider secrets on building
a real estate empire or adding just a few rental properties and is intended for RE Investors, Syndicators,
Active Investors, Passive Investors, Brokers, and Lenders.

To register visit https://www.gobnetwork.com