The Best Software for Editing Videos for YouTube

YouTube is a vibrant platform for sharing engaging video content. Billions of people worldwide watch YouTube videos daily. The consumption of content is enormous, and there are many channels and bloggers trying to stand out and get many views. Such a high competition urges YouTube video-makers to generate creative ideas and seek powerful editing tools. With a high-quality program, you can make stunning videos fast and easily. 

With the huge number of software, it is challenging to choose the one that will meet all your requirements and provide even more fascinating features. Read the article and find a shortlist of the best editing programs for your YouTube videos. 

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Tips for Choosing the Best Editing Software 

When choosing a video editing tool, firstly, define your goals and level of skills. If you only develop your YouTube channel and are not good at making videos, consider free programs with basic functionalities. Some tools are available online, the others you will have to install on your device. 

  • Do not buy a full version of the software at once but use a trial period to see if it satisfies your demands
  • The program must have a high output video quality with a definition of up to 4k
  • The tool you select should support various video formats
  • It should possess multiple aspect ratios so that a video fits any platform
  • Choose software providing 360-degree video editing for processing different video types
  • There should be a rich library of editing tools and a royalty-free library
  • Select software with many positive testimonials.

Top Software to Edit Videos for YouTube

#1 Movavi 

Movavi video editing software has a user-friendly interface and a plethora of advanced features. You can download it for free and create impressive videos for your YouTube channel. With a picture video maker, you can create videos from photos to make your content more versatile. Users from over the world are satisfied with Movavi, so try it and impress your viewers with incredible videos!

#2 Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a video editor for Mac users that is available with a trial period. It is a professional program giving a cinematic effect to your videos. The editing tool has many new features and an intuitive design. You can benefit from advanced color grading, 360° editing, and more so do not hesitate to check it on your own.

#3 VideoStudio

VideoStudio allows people with no editing experience to create fantastic videos. Users can benefit from a trial period and then buy a full version. It has flexible licensing that is perfect for business and education video editing. Software has smart tools and advanced effects, animated AR stickers, camera movement transitions, and more. You can directly share the output on YouTube to grow your audience. 

#4 Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a great program that helps people to edit like pros and advance their skills. This video maker with adds-on allows capture videos and record screens for creating engaging content. The editing tool has many great features, including video masking, color grading, object tracking, 360° video editing, video stabilization, and amazing audio features. 

#5 Shotcut 

Shotcut is a creative video editing software for beginners allowing them to improve their editing experience. You can benefit from a trial period on all three plans and then choose yours. There are many advanced features, color grading, a stock media library, and audio and video editing. It is trusted by millions of users, so do not hesitate to download the program.


Now you know how to find decent software for editing videos and can generate high-quality YouTube content. We wish you all the best in your editing career and hope this article will allow you to deliver an amazing experience to your viewers.