Illinois Concealed Carry Firearm Courses Finally Approved


Illinois Concealed Carry Firearm Courses Finally Approved; John Frycek of Offers Quality Firearm Training

Illinois Carry Concealed Courses are open to the public. Chicago Firearm Training Group is a trusted and dedicated training source for IL CCL.

John Frycek, a Certified NRA Firearm Instructor and Illinois Concealed Carry Licensed Instructor says, “It’s about time this came about. Illinois is a great state, but we are the last to adopt the CCL (Carry Conceal License) act that allows a law abiding citizen to protect themselves and their families.” Frycek believes that with the advent of strong firearm education and proper training etiquette, firearm training and the appropriate handling of a firearm is nothing like the old west. John Frycek, owns Special Solutions, Ltd., a Chicago detective agency and Chicago Firearm Training, a professional CCL firearm training school. He believes that we are no different than the two billion year-old cave man that guarded his warm cave, female companion and food rations with a wooden spear.

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