Judith Barath’s Fine Art Gallery in the Chicago


Judith Barath in her gallery

Chicago is known to many as a home to a wide variety of cultural fine arts, with a strong community that appreciate the arts; from building architecture, to exhibits and galleries for paintings, to the collections of sculptures that are showcased across the city.   Such a wide variety of local artistic talent exists in Chicago, it’s difficult to appreciate all of the works of art that are created. Amongst this pool of talent, Judith Barath, a fine artist in the Chicagoland area, has a breathtaking assortment of artwork available for viewing online and through different exhibits held in the area.

Judith Barath’s fine art gallery is home to a collection of contemporary fine art which includes digital, oil painting, and photography mediums. As an avid traveler, Judith is inspired by visuals from around the world, turning her experiences into floral and landscape paintings. The results, which can be viewed at her contemporary oil painting gallery online, are colorful masterpieces which help depict the beauty of nature which surrounds us.

Judith started painting as a method to relax and fully appreciate nature’s beauty. Previously employed as a graphic designer, she started her own studio in 2004 to focus on oil painting and photography. With more time available for her passions, Judith has been able to paint hundreds of unique, exquisite oil paintings to add to her gallery. With experience in both traditional and digital painting, her gallery includes a beautiful assortment of concepts and mediums that add to the variety of showcased work. Her creativity and passion for fine art allows her to recreate the emotions and energy of the environments that she is depicting on canvas.

In addition to oil painting, Judith also catalogs her trips across the world through digital photography, capturing unique moments in time across hundreds of cities and various cultures. Her digital photography collection includes assortments of images from nature, cityscapes, and both urban and rural areas. Not only does her photography allow her to preserve memories for inspiration of her oil paintings, it lets her share these experiences with others and help them to fully appreciate the fascinating power of nature.

Judith’s art studio


Her art studio, located in Oak Brook, a suburb of Chicago, displays a wide variety of her wall canvas oil paintings which can also be purchased on her website. Her artwork has also been featured in numerous exhibitions in Chicago and New York over the past 15 years, including a recent solo exhibition at the Mayslake Peabody Estate in Oak Brook.

Whether you are looking for some art prints to display in your household, to support a local Chicago artist, or just want to browse through pictures or paintings of scenery and botanical gardens, Judith Bartath’s gallery will have something to offer for you. The artwork in her online gallery is available for purchase as a digital print or original canvas oil paintings can be bought by contacting her through her website.