Marion Julius Helps The Environment, Climate And Our Home Planet Earth.

Marion Julius is supporting Greenpeace she is very keen and interested in helping the planet. Looking after and protecting the environment, climate and protecting our great barrier reef. The cause she is also working on campaigns helping Greenpeace the environmental organization. Recently she has been helping working on video footage to promote and raise awareness about this with the permission from Greenpeace she moves forward with her projects.

“I think its important we all take care and protect our planet because its the only earth we have and so making sure we look after it is something we have to do. There’s no other planet earth we can move to if anything happens to this one and so I believe its crucial we look after what we have.”

Marion Julius

Her new video footage she has been working on will be broadcasted on TV and also at her YOU TUBE channel showing and sharing with viewers all over the globe. Marion enjoys helping the planet and is committed to helping this really good cause she hopes her message can also inspire and encourage others to help the climate and the earth. I am very pleased to have the support and permission from Greenpeace to show my videos with their images and video footage on my projects Marion said.