Press conference

For immediate release

Contact: Raul Montes, Jr.

Activists angered after couple both 72 followed through Irving Park from Blue Line and brutally beaten; Want to raise vigilance and offer monetary reward with efforts to catch attacker and bring him to justice

What: Press conference

When:Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Where: Irving Park and N Avondale Chicago, IL 60641 (by Blue line)

Time: 11:00 a.m.

CHICAGO, IL- Chicago continues to witness the outlandish destructive behavior of violence and crime that is taking over our streets without control. An elderly couple were violently assaulted on their way home in broad daylight in Irving Park recently. The attack occurred by the blue line train station near Irving Park and Avondale. A man followed the couple and started hitting then from punches to kicking them for no reason.

The attack left bruises on Bob Tataryn’s face Monday night. He and his wife, Katheryn, were still recovering after the walk back to the Irving Park neighborhood left him bloodied and with a broken nose. The attack was random, and the attacker didn’t even steal anything except, of course, for the victims peace of mind.

“We are city dwellers,” Tataryn said. “We take the Blue Line as much as we can.”

Tataryn said it was 3 p.m. one day last week when they arrived at the Irving Park Road Blue Line platform in the Kennedy Freeway median and he realized that someone was right The Tataryns, both 72, decided to cross the street. But Bob Tataryn said the guy was still close behind and when they got to the intersection of Avondale Avenue and Irving Park Road, Tataryn turned and asked.

“’Are you following us?’ Tataryn said. “And he mumbles something and says, ‘Do you have a problem? “”

The next thing the couple knew, the man attacked and started to hit her left, right, left, right broke her jaw and broke her wrists, Bob said of his wife.

Subsequently, the man turned his aggression towards Bob. Then he timed me the same procedure “ I would say six, seven, eight times to the head, and I fell,” he said. Then Bob shouted his wife was sick with cancer and then the subject stopped the attack. Katheryn Tataryn doesn’t really have cancer. But the daytime attack left her in need of two surgeries to deal with two broken wrists and a broken jaw. Katheryn Tataryn is unable to open her mouth now and can only eat liquid foods like soup and will be for six to eight weeks.

On Tuesday morning, activists will stage a press conference where the attack occurred bringing vigilance to the case and offering a monetary award to help capture and bring him to justice!