Mayor wants watchdog to hire Chicago workers

Associated Press 3:42 p.m. CST, February 8, 2010

CHICAGO – Chicago’s mayor wants to expand the powers of the city’s inspector general by giving him oversight over the city’s hiring and the power to investigate aldermen.

Mayor Richard Daley on Monday said the proposed ordinance, to be introduced to the City Council on Wednesday, is partly a result of the recent guilty plea to corruption by former Alderman Isaac Carothers.

Daley tried 20 years ago to give the inspector general the power to investigate the City Council. The idea was shot down by aldermen.

Inspector General Joe Ferguson calls the mayor’s proposal to allow him to investigate aldermen a “watershed moment” in the fight against City Hall corruption.

Daley’s proposal also would take the hiring oversight duties away from the city’s Office of Compliance. The mayor says the office’s efforts to reform hiring have not worked well.

Mayor wants watchdog to hire Chicago workers –