Next Impactor Contestants lived  Don’t just let the future happen to you.

Next Impactor Contestants lived  Don’t just let the future happen to you. Season 2 is here! Be a part of a legacy created by two Chicago based visionairies, Loren Harris & Jeff Levin. Their shared vision behind The Next Impactor Competition which had its finale on. As a top 25 finalist in the contest I can tell you it was one of this decades most epic events, The Next Impactor the world’s quintessential reality game show. Loren & Jeff pulled off far beyond what others thought was possible. Divided into teams we saw eacbothers’ strengths as we began our 9 month journey of working together raising thousands of dollars for some worthy charities. The Next Impactor contestants were some of the most open minded,  courageous, purpose driven global motivators I had ever been in contact with. The Next Impactor Competition taught me how to be a leader who’s admired and inspires, I took steps daily to improve my skills and by the time my team saw me in Chicago, they all said I was a more in influential leader that will stand up and take notice. I’m grateful for health and mobility! Many don’t have either. My daily practice during The Next Impactor competition included to everyday create the intention to enable The Next Impactor contestants in living a more meaningful, connected, and authentic life. I took it upon myself to go live in an online interview with our nonprofits founder Wesley Hamilton in order to fully understand and immerse myself in his nonprofit so that we understood & aligned with his vision. Then reported the information he gave us back to my teammates & got their feedback as i assured them that their input is valuable. with the ambition to improve quality of life for people the world within The Next Impactor competition understood that they need input from their team members.

For the most part I had the best childhood. Im the first born into to loving & supportive parents in San Diego. My dad is famous for starting a 8 home & car store stereo business that sponsored all the sports games & concerts in town. I was born with a disability called XYY basically an extra Y chromosome disorder that had recked havok the majority of my life. With it came its share of poor hand eye coordination, a purtruding forehead. Poor muscle tone. Female breasts. ADHD. And low testosterone issues. So my parents held me back & I was in adapted pe classes etc. For the most part no one knew my secret growing up. Learning was more difficult and I used disabled student services all tge way throughout my college years. I graduated college with a Bachelor Of Arts degree in Media Arts & TV/RADIO Film Design from California State University, Chico.

Your childhood fondest memory there was a few… when I was in High school I was selected by the then Mayor Of San Diego, CA Maureen Oconnor to be part of a Mayors Youth Committee. We met in the mayors office downtown and had workshop days with inner city youth & gang violence that we got out of our streets and i led a team to create a purpose driven curriculum for our classmates to learn with. Before I knew it my classmates were more self expressed and involved in all the clubs & organizations on campus to make a difference.

What are your greatest influences or role model? My greatest influences I love Lewis Howes Motivational Coaching, The Art Of Agam, Peter Max. EDM Music By The Chainsmokers, Halsey, Dave Koz, DJ Calvin Harris, The Perry Twins, Ariana Grande, & more.

What are Causes that you care about: Chemobuddies4Life, Disabled But Not Really,  just wanted to be transparent with you and share how much I appreciate you. Thank you for being my subscriber and my follower. I hope you take away a lot from the value I provide to you, Everything happens for a reason. There is a reason you are in my life.I am glad to be able to serve you and bring value to your life, Remember be the person you want to be, not the what you want to do.On Purpose Creative is my purpose and my passion.Looking forward to be that guide to your success,


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