Nuns fight strip club next to convent in Stone Park

BY ROBERT HERGUTH Better Government Association February 7, 2012 9:44PM
When Stone Park’s village government authorized a new strip club to come to town, officials did more than enhance its reputation as a “sin city” of the western suburbs.

They upset a group of nuns.

Turns out the Stone Park village board approved the project even though the club – which is still under construction and hasn’t yet opened – is adjacent to a convent that includes a complex for elderly and sick nuns, and another building for young women wishing to enter the Roman Catholic sisterhood.

“What are we trying to teach the children in the neighborhood?” said Sister Marissonia Daltoe, of the Missionary Sisters of Saint Charles Borromeo – Scalabrinians.

Nuns fight strip club next to convent in Stone Park

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