Suit against feds claims false arrest, prosecution

10:02 p.m. CDT, March 25, 2011

Jose Quiroz was at his Chicago home with his wife and 4-year-old son in 2009 when federal agents came to his door with their guns drawn and, mistaking him for a Colorado man, arrested him, according to a federal complaint that Quiroz filed on Friday.

Quiroz, 29, alleges that federal agent Robert Hall and other unknown federal agents with the FBI and the ATF mistook him for a tattooed Colorado man named “Chu,” arrested him without cause and then stood by as he was indicted and prosecuted for more than 18 months in a major drug case that he had nothing to do with.

In fact, Quiroz, who works for the City of Chicago as a construction worker, had never visited Colorado and had no tattoos on his back like Chu, the complaint states. His voice allegedly did not match recordings of Chu’s telephone conversations.

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