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DEFI Entertainment

DEFI Entertainment – where you can win giveaways to concerts, sporting events, theaters, restaurants, and much more! If you don’t win the giveaway – don’t worry! We’ll send you a promotion related to the event that you signed up for so that you can still save! It’s a WIN WIN! …

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GigDivision – Your Gateway To Live Entertainment!

Our View: More Venues For Live Entertainment In Our Trendiest Neighborhoods Will The Kind Of Sparkling Night Life That Residents Of Great Cities Deserve. Name a city that doesn’t boast a vibrant and varied night life, and we’ll show you a place that is probably very dull indeed. When work …

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Emanuel to City Employees: Pay Tickets or Lose Job

In his effort to balance the city’s budget, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has now reached the digging-for-change-under-the-car-seat level: he’s threatening to fire city employees with unpaid parking tickets, red light camera tickets and water bills. City workers owe nearly $3 million in fees and fines. They have 30 days to pony …

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