Tea Party Rallies In Daley Plaza

Hundreds of demonstrators who feel Taxed Enough Already turned up to Daley Plaza yesterday to express their discontent with taxes, big government and other assorted socialist encroachments on America. Steve Stevlic, coordinator for the Chicago Tea Party organized the rally, which featured Tea Party darling Joe Walsh (R-IL) (who leads freshmen Illinois congressmen in fundraising) among other mostly politically right leaning politicians and pundits.

NBC 5 reports Walsh lambasted President Obama before the crowd, saying that he should be “ashamed” and that “every policy he believes in is destroying what made America great.” Fox News contributor Jonathan Hoenig blamed both Democrats and Republicans for America’s financial woes, saying that neither party is in favor of “real reform.” Potential Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain also spoke about eliminating the capital gains tax and a payroll tax holiday for workers and businesses.

via Tea Party Rallies In Daley Plaza: Chicagoist.