Title: Bobby’s Drawings Review: Bobby’s Drawings Brings People Together

Family photos are always cherished, but what happens when your family can’t be with you, or a beloved family member passes away before you can take a family photo? Bobby’s drawings aims to fix this by creating hand-drawn portraits of family members united.   

“What we’re selling isn’t just ink & paper” says Bobby. Bobby runs a company specializing in hand-drawn family portraits. These aren’t your typical drawings, though. Bobby’s Drawings specializes in using pictures of loved ones, pets included, to bring together those that can’t be together in real life.

How does it work? Simply select the style you like on the Bobby’s Drawings website, choose how many people (and pets) you’d like included, upload your photos, and wait for your order! All drawings are done on high quality card stock that frames beautifully. And since all portraits are made to order, the sky’s the limit when it comes to what can be drawn. “Jesus is actually quite a popular request” says Bobby.

In a sentence, Bobby describes his business as “bringing together the people you love.” To Bobby, his company represents more than just a business. “It’s about the people they love, the people they miss. The people they never got to see together in real life.”

His business is borne of a passion for art. Bobby started Bobby’s Drawings in 2015 after being laid off from his job in customer service. He’d always been an artistic person, but this was the push he needed to start his own business. With newfound time on his hands, he did some research and found his niche: providing bespoke hand-drawn portraits of loved ones who couldn’t be together.

Five years later, he now heads a team of over 150 artists. Bobby still maintains a personal connection with his clients through their orders, though.

One order that holds a special place in his heart was for a family in which the child’s father passed away before the child was born. Although the circumstances were tragic, Bobby was happy to bring the family some peace through a family portrait.

Bobby’s goal is to provide his clients with the best possible customer experience, from start to finish. Unlike a piece of jewelry or a vase, each portrait is done collaboratively with the client. “We all get to know the order and the customer, everyone is involved“ says Bobby. “We compile the request together, so the artist forms a connection with the person they’re drawing.” Each piece is personalized, and personal to the artist who drew it. Feedback is given directly back to the artists, who personally read all the reviews they receive. “It gives us genuine satisfaction to know that we’ve made people’s day.”

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