Two 18-year-old men and a girl, 17, ‘lured men looking for Tinder dates – then beat them, robbed them, kidnapped them and threatened them with guns before booting them out of their own cars’

Jahziah McDonald and Jeremiyah Mannie, 18, both from Killeen, Texas, were arrested this week in connection with the attacks that took place on Tuesday
In two separate incidents, they allegedly lured men who thought they were meeting an online date, only to rob them and physically hurt them
They also allegedly stole vehicles and dumped victims out of the cars
Four people in total were arrested, with McDonald and Mannie denied bail

PUBLISHED: 02:04 EDT, 21 March 2021 | UPDATED: 02:04 EDT, 21 March 2021

Two 18-year-old men and a 17-year-old girl were charged with luring two men looking for Tinder dates – only to beat, kidnap and rob them, Chicago prosecutors said Friday.

The attacks took place about 45 minutes apart earlier in the week and were part of an ‘organized strategy,’ according to prosecutors.

Jahziah McDonald, 18, and Jeremiyah Mannie, 18, both from Killeen, Texas, were arrested this week in connection with the attacks.

Police were able to find them after the second alleged victim’s mother tracked her son’s phone, which led police to the suspects in the the alleged victim’s stolen vehicle.

Jeremiyah Mannie (left), 18, and Jahziah McDonald (right), 18, both from Killeen, Texas, were arrested this week in connection with the attacks on two men on Tuesday night

The two men are charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated vehicular hijacking and aggravated robbery and were both denied bail.

Cook County Judge Arthur Willis said they ‘terrorized these individuals … striking them when they thought they were meeting up with someone for a relationship’ when he denied them bail.

A 17-year-old girl, who is unnamed because she is a minor, was also charged with driving a car during a criminal trespass to a vehicle, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated vehicular hijacking and aggravated robbery.

She was set to appear in juvenile court, as she’s not 18 years old.

A fourth man was also arrested in connection with the incidents, but he was released without any charges being filed against him.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the first attack happened around 9:30pm on Tuesday night when a 23-year-old man went to a house, where he was met by a woman he thought he met on Tinder.

The violent attacks took place near the 700 block of South Ingleside Avenue in Kenwood

She led him inside and to the basement, where four men in ski masks allegedly pushed, kicked, and hit the man with a metal object – and at least one of them also had a handgun, police said.

The assailants proceeded to go through the man’s pockets and took his car keys, phone, Apple watch, wallet, and a ring, before warning him not to run.

The attackers then allegedly drove the victim in his 2014 Jeep Wrangler to South Shore before dumping him out of the car.

The alleged victim then used a stranger’s phone to call 911 and was taken to University of Chicago Medical Center in fair condition, where he eventually needed staples to close head wounds, as well as suffering bruising and a hematoma to his ear.

In the second attack, around 10:15pm on Tuesday, a 21-year-old man went to the same house to supposedly meet a date.

The man was allegedly attacked and punched in the face by the assailants, who managed to catch up to the victim when he attempted to escape.

The attackers then put a gun to the victim’s back and forced him into the victim’s tan Dodge Nitro, where they drove him to Grand Crossing and forced him to take $100 out of an ATM.

They then used the victim’s credit card to buy cigars and drinks at a gas station before kicking him out of the vehicle.

Upon being found by emergency crews, the man declined medical treatment.

McDonald’s attorney has stated that witnesses and the victims couldn’t have properly identified McDonald by his face.

Both McDonald and Mannie are due for a court date on March 29.