Walk-in tubs provide confidence and safety for seniors

As people age and begin losing balance and mobility, bathing can not only become difficult, but a cause of anxiety, too.

Fear of falling or not being able to get out of the tub are among the most common worries for many seniors today.

According to the Government of Canada, around one in four seniors fall every year, 25 per cent of these falls are serious, and a large percentage of them take place in the bathroom.

“Most of my clients are over 70 years old and are experiencing mild to severe mobility issues,” says Bruce Perkins, owner of Walk-In Tubs Fraser Valley and here on Vancouver Island, Island Walk-In Tubs. “They’re so grateful and fall in love with their new tub and the independence it gives them. It really is a wonderful business to be a part of!”

Chicago Walk in Tubs
Chicago Walk in Tubs

Studies show that installing a walk-in tub can allow seniors to live independently for an additional five years. A walk-in tub is much safer than a conventional bathtub, enabling you to sit down and bathe in comfort.

With large doors that open, the bather can walk in and sit on a 17-inch-high seat. Once the door is closed and locked, the tub rapidly fills with water around the bather who is sitting comfortably and safely inside. With three grab bars built into the tub, and easily accessible taps and controls, the bath is filled and emptied with ease.

Health benefits

Many people find relief from various conditions simply by soaking in a warm tub, and believe they sleep better after a soothing bath. The warm air or water jets give a deep massage that helps to stimulate circulation, carrying additional healing oxygen throughout the body.

This has shown positive results in increasing mobility and helping to relieve the pain and symptoms of such conditions as arthritis, chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, diabetic and peripheral neuropathy as well as various other acute and chronic conditions.

Financial incentives

The Government of Canada website also states that of the one-in-four seniors that fall every year, 25 per cent of these falls are serious, leaving the victims permanently disabled and bedridden. Aside from the pain and suffering, these falls end up costing the Canadian medical system $2 billion annually.

The B.C. and Federal Governments are helping many people who decide to purchase a walk-in tub, with a tax credit, a Provincial Sales Tax waiver, and in qualifying cases, a $7,500 Government Grant.

“With seven different configurations, there’s a tub or shower that will suit your needs, and fit into any bathroom,” Perkins says. “If you have mobility issues, retrofitting your bathroom with a walk-in tub could be one of the best investments you can make, helping you age comfortably and independently in the home you love.”

Walk-In Tubs Fraser Valley is the proud winner of the 2022 Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award.

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