Chicago HVAC company shares cold weather advice as temperatures drop

chicago cold weather

Chicago — Temperatures falling into the single digits in most parts of our region have some HVAC companies like Around the Town Heating and Cooling preparing for an uptick in service requests.

“Most of the time we haven’t had weather that really stretched our systems too awful. However, now’s a time where it’s time to use it to its maximum potential. This is so it will pick up the calls for us for sure,” said Around the Town Heating and Cooling President Ed Pavlick.

But Ed told News Chicago there are some ways to be prepared.

“Just let your system run and let the auxiliary heat come on and do its part. It’s just catching the system up and helping it get through that point where it needs to get through those cold temperatures.”

He said the best thermostat temperature is 68 degrees.

“And don’t be alarmed if your heat pump doesn’t keep you at 68 degrees when we get down to these zero degrees, minus temperatures for the weekend,” added Ed. “Your heat pump is going to struggle, it’s just the cold reality facts about it. Just let your heat pump do its work and try to stay as warm as you can and try not to push it.”

Ed said to also try to keep your heat on its normal setting if possible to prevent potential damage to your system.

“The more it turns and spins, the more it keeps the ice and stuff off the blades. If you do put your system in emergency heat, you need to make sure before you start it back up that you make sure your blades don’t have ice on them that could throw the blades out of balance so they break or come apart or stall a motor.”

Chicago is also urging residents to lower thermostats ahead of colder temperatures.

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