Ahmad Lane Blesses The Dark and Gloomy Alleys of Chicago, Illinois with his Captivating Music


Even with extensive experience, making a name in the music industry is an arduous task, one that requires a lot of effort. The secret lies in the artist’s ability to express themselves through their music and reach out to their audience using the right ways. Ahmad Javon Lane found the perfect balance between engaging his audience and producing music that frees the mind, soothes the soul, and gets you into a stress-free state to think about life. Ahmad’s experience with music allowed him to produce top-notch and catchy songs full of life. “Play” and “XOXO” are energetic, deep, and simply revolutionary. As Ahmad’s fame grows, so does the music industry of which he has been part for years.
Here he comes with a brand new mindset to defy all criticism directed at him by the media about his past music. Positivity and good vibes shape his current outlook on life and he seeks to spread positivity, defeat negativity, and share his magical music with his fans. The song “Play” is a huge milestone towards these objectives.
Around The World and Back Again.

Ahmad Lane’s Journey led him to all corners of the world. Just recently he came back to Chicago after finishing a great experience in Asia, the Middle East, the Turks, and finally, the Bahamas. This tour took place shortly after the release of his song ”Play” even though he had no expectations as to how the audience and media would react to it. Luckily enough, the song managed to exceed his expectations and the crowd loved it.

The comeback of Ahmad Lane to Western Chicago is seen as an encouraging move to reach an even wider audience. His family’s hometown, South Bend, Indiana is about 50 minutes outside where he is located right now. The artist is aware that the opportunity to showcase one’s music next to their hometown is very rare. This decision did not come lightly however, as a musician who aspires to produce music that is sentimental and empowering, he needed to have these feelings when writing. Being close to his family’s hometown, Lane always feels emotional and able to achieve great things. In the music industry, Ahmad Lane is a living example that believing and striving for great things without giving up always pays off in the end.

The path to success is never a simple task and it certainly wasn’t for Ahmad Lane. The media is always seeking to break those who came from nothing and managed to make a name for themselves. Being an artist in Chicago outside his family’s hometown of South Bend, Ahmad found no support in his career, it was his hard work, great taste in music, and his lyrical ability that granted him positive and popular feedback. Some media sources found the song alienating but despite their effort to shut down Ahmad, the fans kept the artist’s piece of music alive.
Fighting against media backlash was hard for Ahmad but through all the ups and downs, he kept pushing on and chasing his dreams. Unfazed and determined, he decided that he needed to make a name for himself around the globe not only locally. The trip around Asia, the Middle East, the Turks, and the Bahamas was a great way to spread his music and prove to these media outlets that his music is appreciated on a global scale. Despite the stress and difficulties caused by the media, Ahmad unlocked his hidden potential and created even greater music for his supportive fans.

Learning from this experience, Ahmad Lane hopes to inspire other artists to follow his path and believe in their ability to produce music that can be appreciated by people around the world. To Lane, negativity, the sense of failure, and wanting to quit are feelings that will accompany every artist throughout their journey to success, It is up to them to push on through these feelings every day, eliminate them, and achieve what they desire. Patience and believing in yourself will always be your motivation to become who you think you could be.
Through all these challenges, Ahmad Lane never gave up. He fueled his ambitiousness with his desire to become the great musician he always wanted to be. He extends his thanks for the unwavering support his fans showed him and their encouragement that never stopped even through the backlash of the media. He also extends an invitation to support him by observing him in Chicago.