The Windy City’s Musical Wonderland: Chicago Music Exchange

Chicago Music Exchange

Imagine a musician’s paradise in Chicago, akin to Willy Wonka’s factory, filled with electric guitars in diverse shapes and colors, a climate-controlled room for acoustic instruments, and dedicated spaces for bass guitars, synthesizers, and drums. This place exists as the Chicago Music Exchange, a top destination for musicians, featuring a showroom resembling a museum and a vault containing rare vintage guitars.

The News Chicago team recently visited the Chicago Music Exchange, where they were guided by general manager Jonathan Urban. As a leading name in the music industry, the store is often cited and acknowledged in the media for gear news and vintage guitars. Boasting some of the most experienced vintage experts in the industry, Chicago Music Exchange is a preferred source for vintage gear and the growing trend of fair trading for musicians. With a stunning guitar showroom, the store attracts local musicians, vintage collectors, and even famous rock stars.

Located near Reverb.coms growing startup and frequented by celebrities, the store hosts newsworthy events almost daily. Some highlights include their collaboration with Sandberg Guitars to create the Sandberg Forty Eight bass, which was featured in Premier Guitar’s February Edition. The store also received Music Inc. magazine‘s 2016 Retail Excellence Award, with voters praising its destination status, dedicated staff, and strong social media presence.

In addition to these achievements, Chicago Music Exchange was listed in the Inc. 5000 in 2015 and has launched exclusive Fender Jazzmaster models in limited edition colors. The store has also been acknowledged as one of the best music stores in Chicago by Timeout Chicago, showcasing its significance within the city’s vibrant music scene.