No kidding! FunkyFlick will find a movie to watch based on favorite book or hobby


Do you remember times when you were all set for a second look at a movie but couldn’t remember the name? Or felt like watching something new but had nothing but a general subject in mind? There is a new website called FunkyFlick, which will solve those problems with a single click.

FunkyFlick will provide personalized movie recommendations based on a book, a movie or any Wikipedia page. This is a new technology which analyzes the meaning behind English text and offers suggestions which fit that meaning.

There are many movie recommendation search engines which come up with titles based upon what you have watched before. FunkyFlick doesn’t need to know that. FunkyFlick recommendations are based on what you like, not on the preferences of some group of people you don’t even know. FunkyFlick doesn’t need to know your age, gender or interests to produce results.

The secret sauce: FunkyFlick’s ability to read the meaning behind English text and to understand the concepts within that meaning. This allows the FunkyFlick movie recommendation system to pick movies metaphysically. For example, if one does a keyword search based on “wisdom”, over a thousand movies which happen to mention wisdom will pop up. FunkyFlick will read the Wikipedia page about wisdom which covers its history, philosophy and meaning to different cultures and religions and pick movies which highlight these features. Since FunkyFlick uses the meaning behind English text, the result is precise and will turn up 36 or fewer movies per inquiry, making the choice of deciding what to watch right now much easier.

FunkyFlick was founded by a former Google engineer who had a vision about how to find movies to view without having to scroll through endless lists of titles, depend on other people’s opinions or search for movies by genre. He wrote a program that really understands the meaning of what you type.

FunkyFlick was incorporated in July, 2013 in Santa Clara, California. The beta version website was launched in January of 2014. IOS and Android versions are still under development and will be launched soon.


FunkyFlick’s power is demonstrated by its ability to read descriptions of all movies, TV shows or books from Wikipedia and compare them with any other Wikipedia entry or with sentences you type. This is an infinitely powerful way to find movies you want to watch.

Pull up FunkyFlick at and explore the site. Sign-up is free and there are opportunities to buy movies through Amazon and iTunes.

FunkyFlick’s purpose is to become the Number One search company based on true English writing. Using FunkyFlick means no more keyword searches or endless lists of search outcomes. In the future, FunkyFlick will enable searches of books, web applications, news, Christmas gifts – anything a search engine can do now but many times more powerful. FunkyFlick will make it possible to purchase any product you like the instant you find it.

Watch as all its features become workable and post your comments and reactions in the onsite Forum. FunkyFlicks will welcome your reactions and suggestions.