Press conference

For immediate release

Contact: Raul Montes, Jr.

Hunger strike at trailer mobile complex due to evictions, poor living conditions of residents and children by slumlord and Village of Dixmoor; want State and Federal government to allocate resources to assist residents and children in this moment of crisis and want evictions to seize

What: Press conference and hunger strike protest

When: Sunday, August 7, 2022

Where: Modern Estates Mobile Home Park
14001 S Western
Dixmoor, IL 60406

Time: 11:45 a.m.

Dixmoor, IL- Two weeks ago two water mains broke and left the people of the Modern Estates homes in Dixmoor without water. Mrs. Delgado a resident of the complex states”We need to bring to light the way people live here
even though many are homeowners many lost their jobs to Covid and they are really struggling with their lot rents”, I feel so bad for them but I am only 1 person and sick myself and it gets emotionally and mentally draining on me to try and get or save us all… “No lighting at night.. you have to see this place and they charge so much rent its ridiculous.. $750.00 and up is what people pay here..

“I myself pay over $1000.00 and have to power to half my home no heat ducts connected so it’s freezing in the winter my heat just goes outside”. There are people that live worse than Mrs. Delgado and it’s unfair and a few more people received eviction papers yesterday and today and Its horrible because they have no where to go and no financial help with children. The following are the owners and management. The residents have started a hunger strike on Saturday evening for 72 hours making a statement that this situation is a exigent matter and needs great attention now..
This is the same trailer park home where Analia Garcia a 7 -old beautiful strong girl who has unfortunately been the victim of the stage 3 RMS cancer. She and her family have been having an ongoing battle for years. We have had hoped that she would recover and she was in remission for four months. Unfortunately we have now gotten a heart shattering news that an Analia’s tumor has taken over her right lung. This poor girl has to live in these horrible conditions.

Merv Duckett Owner
Steven Duckett is the CEO/Secretary
Leo Feigenbaum is CFO
Chantel Paoni is The Regional Manager of all of Their Parks but #1 person who makes the decisions that take place on n all of the Properties that they own..
Diana Gonzalez was the Main Manager since 2017.

On Sunday morning, residents of the mobile trailer park homes will stage a press conference and protest against the Village of Dixmoor, the owners, and will ask for the federal government and state to allocate resources to help these people with their homes financially to bring these homes to code. We will demand that the evictions seize immediately for the sake of children and their parents that reside here.