Another State OKs Medical Marijuana Use In 2015

medical marijuana

Posted by: Will Phoenix

According to a new press release, Illinois has officially announced its approval of a new medical marijuana program. At a meeting yesterday the JCAR (Joint Committee on Administrative Rules) green lighted specific regulations for a pilot program at a meeting held in Chicago.

They reviewed the policies for patients seeking relief for a medical issue as well as potential farmers. While it was not specified just how many individuals would apply for registry cards, the Marijuana Policy Project estimates over 10,000 people may someday sign up in Illinois.  The application process for certification could start as soon as September and the medical marijuana would be available for use in 2015.

Representative Lou Lang, a Democrat from Skokie, told the press: “You can’t be a patient unless you have 1 of 39 diseases, not for everything.” He also noted: “You have to have a bonafide relationship with a doctor.” He reiterated that it could be 2015 before anyone could legally use medical marijuana for treatment.

Another State OKs Medical Marijuana Use In 2015